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Featured Publications

  • ImprovingTeachersInstruction_EQuIPD_exec_summary cover

    Executive Summary of Project EQuIPD—Engaging Quality Instruction through Professional Development—which sought to “establish and test for efficacy a professional development model to produce highly qualified teachers in STEM practices for all children, especially for students who are in traditionally underserved schools and districts within the State of Florida.”

  • Early colleges are an innovative model of schooling that combines high school and college. A 14-year, rigorous experimental study has been examining whether this model works. The study compares early college students who were accepted through a lottery to students who applied to early colleges but were not accepted through the lottery (the control group). Read about the latest findings from this study.
  • This review located and summarized the findings of randomized controlled trial studies on interventions aimed at reducing the experience of stereotype threat.

  • This report reviews the characteristics of 21 instruments that measure student engagement in upper elementary through high school. It summarizes what each instrument measures, describes its purposes and uses, and provides technical information on its psychometric properties.

  • This document provides an overview of what reading across the curriculum interventions states and school districts.