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Evaluation Services

pencil graphIs your district in the midst of comprehensive reforms to implement Common Core State Standards or other significant improvement efforts? Do you have the information you need to ensure such reforms are well-implemented? Are you writing grants that need an evaluation design for how to monitor implementation and outcomes?

Research on educational change shows that often programs and initiatives are not fully or well-implemented, wasting valuable resources and staff time and ultimately, not delivering the promised outcomes. Collecting implementation and outcome data to inform decisions along the way about the continuous improvement of new reforms is well worth the investment.

Serving educational leaders since 1990, we have extensive knowledge of the research literature on best practices and the impact of reforms, experience in quantitative and qualitative evaluation methods, expertise in meeting the most rigorous of federal standards for evaluation, and a framework for evidence-based decision-making.

Through collaboration, we develop a customized approach to answering our clients’ key questions in ways that result in improved programs and outcomes.

SERVE’s highly experienced team has conducted evaluations of:

  • efforts to turnaround low performing schools;
  • reforms to improve teacher preparation, evaluation, recruitment and retention;
  • reforms at the high school level designed to improve high school graduation and post-secondary success;
  • curricular and professional development programs at all levels across varied disciplines;
  • technology development initiatives;
  • at-risk student services for migrant, English Language Learner, and homeless students; and
  • early childhood programs.

For more information, or to discuss how we can assist you, contact: Dr. Wendy McColskey.