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Program Evaluation

Project: North Carolina Race to the Top Evaluation

SERVE Center is partnering with The Friday Institute (NCSU) and the Carolina Institute of Public Policy (UNC-CH) to conduct the evaluation of the implementation of the North Carolina Race to the Top project (2010-2014). The purpose of the evaluation is to provide formative feedback for program improvement as well as to determine project impact on target goals for each initiative and for overall state-level outcome goals.

Client: North Carolina Department of Public Instruction
Funding Agency: U.S. Department of Education
Topics: teacher & leader effectiveness, supply and equitable distribution of teachers, regional leadership academies, new teacher support (induction) programs, educator incentives, Virtual Public Schools blended-learning STEM courses, teacher recruitment, professional development, district and school transformation, STEM Schools Network, local spending, cloud computing
Contact: Nina Arshavsky