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K-5 Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) Education Programs

In this podcast, Steve Johnson discusses K-5 (STEM) Education Programs. Steve explains the engineering process, support needed to start STEM Programs, and the annual K-5 Building Engineers Conference. Steve shares the beginning of STEM programs in North Carolina and how teachers and counties can get involved in STEM programs. Steve offers insight into how the Program uses equity to make STEM programs accessible to students and districts.

For more information on STEM in K-5 Classrooms, visit the Building Engineers website, or contact Steve Johnson.

“As the [STEM] program rolls out, we have seen a lot of our students and teachers have redefined who can be successful in the classroom. Whenever you do these skills with kids, and work through the engineering design process, you have kids that become new leaders in the classroom.”
– Steve Johnson

Steve’s experience in education and STEM started with a nine-year career in classrooms, where he discovered the power of allowing students to work together in hands-on, inquiry-based learning. He then transitioned to the Assistant Director of Technology for Moore County Schools.

Steve’s current role at SERVE shares his passion for STEM. He is proud to work with others across North Carolina to expand STEM skills in K-5 schools, so all students from every background can see themselves in the STEM careers that are so greatly needed.

Host and Production Lead: Sana Silvera-Roy, Communications Specialist

Production: Curtis Burgins, Communications Specialist