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2022 Family and Community Engagement Summit Interview Highlights

Don Doggett facilitated a discussion with Regina Thurmond, asking her to highlight what it was like to have the second day of the Summit face-to-face. Regina said the Summit was successful and, “This [the Summit] is not about me. It has truly been about we.” The “we” Regina refers to are the educational leaders working together to build conference capacity for their communities. Regina said the impact of the conference was very positive, and she felt people are ready to have the entire 2023 South Carolina Family and Community Engagement Summit face-to-face.

Listen to the entire interview as Regina Thurmond and Don Doggett discuss the impacts of the 2022 South Carolina Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Summit, and plans for the 2023 South Carolina FACE Summit.

“She’s hungry for the connection. She’s hungry for the networking. So impact to me has just been tremendous. And that’s the bottom line for me, keeping it relevant, keeping it meaningful so that folks want to come back.”
– Regina Thurmond

The 2022 South Carolina Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Summit was a two-day event, the first day was online, and the second was held in person. The first day was a collaborative community-based online event between states, districts, and schools. Day Two spanned the state of South Carolina from the Midlands to the Savannah River onto the Low Country. The Low Country of South Carolina is where Regina Thurmond, FACE Liaison for the South Carolina  Department of Education, and Don Doggett, South Carolina SEA Principal Liaison for the Region 6 Comprehensive Center (RC6), discussed the Summit’s highlights, impacts, and successes.

Host and Production Lead: Sana Silvera-Roy, Communications Specialist

Production: Curtis Burgins, Communications Specialist