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Lisa Phillips

State Coordinator
NC Homeless Education Program
Phone: 336-315-7491
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Lisa Phillips has been the State Coordinator for the NCDPI Homeless Education Program for over 10 years where she has provided training and support to school districts, educational partners, community organizations and state agencies.  Mrs. Phillips prepares regularly best practice materials for homeless liaisons to utilize in their practice, monitors the school districts and charter schools, provides training at the state and national level as well as oversees the Mentor Program for new State Coordinators for the US Department of Education. She has extensive experience in the public-school setting providing leadership to the school community as a school social worker as well as in the position of a principal. She owned and operated a small business for many years and holds degrees in Small Business Entrepreneurship, Bachelor of Science, School Social Work, and Master of Arts in Liberal Studies and School Administration. In her spare time, she enjoys being with her family, her adorable pups, cooking and spending time at the beach.