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Region 6 Comprehensive Center MapThe SERVE Center at the University of North Carolina Greensboro operates the Region 6 Comprehensive Center (RC6) to provide intensive, capacity-building services to GeorgiaNorth Carolina and South Carolina. RC6 is one of  19 Regional Centers funded by the U.S. Department of Education (ED) that comprise the national Comprehensive Center Network.

Backed by $15.6 million of funding over five years from ED, RC6 seeks to improve educator and student outcomes with a suite of high quality services to State Educational Agencies (SEAs), K-12 districts and schools.

This mission is carried forth in three broad processes:

  • Annual Plan and Project Design — Conducting needs assessments in the three states and then developing Annual and project plans.
  • Annual Plan Service Provision — Building SEA capacity to address four High-Leverage Problems.
  • National Center Support — Assisting the Comprehensive Center Network in providing targeted and universal services.

SERVE provides intensive capacity building services to state education agencies (SEAs) and others in Region 6 to address four High-Leverage Problems:

  • Statewide Systems of Support to Low-Performing Schools 
  • Support to Rural Schools 
  • Equitable Student Access to Effective Teachers and Principals 
  • Positive School Climates through Student Supports and Family Engagement Interventions

Additionally, SERVE will support the National Center’s targeted and universal services to SEAs, REAs, LEAs, and schools. We believe that by directing our RC6 efforts towards intensive capacity-building services to our three states, we will complement the work of the National Center in providing targeted and universal services to support the selection, planning, implementation, and evaluation of evidence-based practices.

George Hancock, Executive Director for SERVE is the Principal Investigator and Co-Director of the RC6. Dr. Priscilla Maynor will serve as Co-Director for State Relations and Dr. Wendy McColskey will serve as Associate Director for Evidence-Based Practices.

Region 6 SEA Principal Liaisons 


Deb Page 

Phone: 678.428.2363

Deb PageDeb Page, CPT serves as the Region 6 Comprehensive Center's SEA Principal Liaison, supporting the Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE). She trains SEA, Regional Education Service Agency staff and LEA leaders through the intensive LAUNCH!™ School Improvement Performance Development experience. She also supports Region 6 in development and facilitation of a network of Georgia rural high-poverty schools, and a national network of school improvement facilitators.

Deb is a former high school Language Arts teacher with 25 years’ experience in the business sector in Human Capital Development, Human Resources, Continuous Improvement, Performance Management and Business Development, primarily in a Fortune 50 company. She led the start up and development of the Georgia Leadership Institute for School Improvement from 2002 to 2009. She launched the Institute for Performance Improvement in 2009 to train and certify school improvement facilitators in the Certified School Improvement Specialist™ standards. She is the author of the School Improvement Specialist Field Guide from Corwin Press.


North Carolina

Donna Brown

Phone: 919.437.1918

Donna BrownDonna Brown serves as the Region 6 Comprehensive Center SEA Principal Liaison for North Carolina Prior to joining the RC6 team, Donna served as the Director of Federal Program Monitoring and Support for the NC Department of Public Instruction. She has worked thirty-seven years in education, beginning her career as a third grade teacher in the Foothills of NC. She has served in multiple leadership roles focusing on instructional excellence, continuous school improvement, and services to underserved populations. In her free time, Donna enjoys spending time with her granddaughters and working on home improvement projects.


South Carolina

Don Doggett

Don Doggett is the Region 6 Comprehensive Center SEA Principal Liaison for South Carolina.

"There are many students across our region who experience the very best of our education system — the best schools, the best principals, the best teachers. Our role at Regional Center 6 is to expand that availability far and wide so that all students have access to the very best. They deserve that and it's our responsibility."
— George Hancock, RC6 Co-Director

Region 6 Comprehensive Center Partners

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