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This web page is designed to provide new local homeless education liaisons in North Carolina with a starting point for growing their professional knowledge and skills.

Share Contact Information with NCHEP

Please update your contact information quickly and easily, by completing the Liaison Contact Information form online.

Download the most current NCHEP Liaison contact list.

Resources for Getting Started

webpage icon NCHEP: Training Resources (including live webinars and print resources)

webpage iconNCHE: Local Liaison Resource Page

webpage icon NCHEP: Other Resources (including sample homeless education forms)

webpage icon NCHE: North Carolina State Profile Page

webpage icon NCHEP: Homeless Education Listserv (receive updates from NCHEP)

The Local Liaison's Role

Local liaisons play a critical role in the implementation of the Mckinney-Vento Act. Local liaison responsibilities include:
  • Identifying homeless children and youth
  • Ensuring that homeless students can enroll immediately and participate fully in school
  • Informing parents, guardians, or youth of educational rights
  • Supporting unaccompanied youth in school selection and dispute resolution
  • Linking homeless students with educational and other services, including preschool and health services
  • Ensuring the public posting of educational rights through the school district and community. NCHEP Education Rights Posters are available at:
  • Ensuring that disputes are resolved promptly
  • Collaborating with other district programs and community agencies.
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